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Application of Red Dot Technology in Firearms


The importance of guns to all countries the world over cannot be overemphasized. The main reason for this importance pegged on guns is the importance of maintaining national security. To properly manage national security, new technology must be employed in the making of guns. The fact that terrorists and other criminals equally have guns drives governments to procure guns using the most recent technology.


One of the current technologies to be used in making guns is what is commonly known as red dot technology. The distinguishing feature of red dot technology is its focusing feature that does not require magnification to achieve proper aiming. The red dot actually serves to give the user of a firearm a point of focus for aiming at a given target. Apparatus containing red dots are usually carefully fixed in guns. The term commonly used to describe the application of red dot technology is red dot scope.


Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D) are usually used to achieve the red dot effect. Developers of this innovation based this concept on the fact that L.E.D provides vision that is parallax free. The elimination of parallax by L.E.D makes red dots to be ideal in their application for guns. Firearms are the main devices that use L.E.D on red dots technology though the same can be applied in cameras.


One would then ask, how does red dot technology aid the user of a firearm to be more efficient? The answer to this question is in the function of red dots in enhancing focus. Red dot sight work in such a way that the target and the eye of the firearm handler are usually at the same horizontal plane. This makes the main focus point of the firearm handler to be the target. The eventual effect is that the shooter concentrates fully hence making it easy to hit the target.


The red dot sight technology is also employed in reflex sight devices. The slight difference between red dots and reflex sight devices is that reflex sight devices use partially reflecting glass. The reflection creates an illumination field of the target hence making it easy to hit. However, red dots can also be used in reflex sight devices hence making the two almost similar. The fact that reflex sight devices have the illumination power makes them ideal for use in pistol flashlight.


The red dot technology can be used in almost all types of firearms. It is however very advantageous when used in large firearms. This is because in large firearms, the distance between the eye and the exit point of the gun is relatively long. It is therefore quite difficult to focus on a target without something to guide and illuminate the target.